Mother’s Day is coming up soon and you might receive some form of chocolate or candy. But it’s pretty rare to keep a treat to yourself, even if it was a gift. Now you can your dessert and eat it too!

  • Behind the encyclopedia: No matter how much they may enjoy reading, children OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAunlikely to disturb the encyclopedia. In the age of Google, Siri, and Alexa, fewer people use books for research. If the kids start to ask why you keep getting the encyclopedia out so much, use this as a teaching moment! Sit in front of the candy to block any view of the contraband items while you open the book to teach them about history.
  • In an empty frozen broccoli box: Most kids will gag at the thought of eating those strange mini trees that smell like their little brother’s farts. Even if by some miracle they do eat broccoli, they certainly won’t eat it while it is frozen or try to heat it up themselves. This is about the safest place for your most precious, freezable candy — especially if you have popsicles in there as a distraction.
  • Linen closet: As almost any parent will tell anyone who will listen, they are the only ones in the house who ever put towels and sheets away. And unless you (the adult) replace the teenager’s towel (that by now probably houses a small colony of microbes) with a fresh one, the cheerfully colored towel will soon be beyond the help of bleach. This makes the linen closet one of the safest places to stash your treats away from the never-ending hunger of teenagers.
  • Laundry room: Not only can you hide the candy in the laundry room, but you also have a valid reason to be there for a while will you enjoy the sugar alone. Now you can get a sugar-high and be productive at the same time! Note: don’t place the candy on or near the dryer; it will melt!
  • Broom closet: Not all homes have a designated broom closet, so a pantry or coat closet will do (really anywhere you typically store your broom). Need a snack? Grab the broom and a bite, but “forget” the dustpan so you can sneak another morsel. By the time you’ve finished sweeping you have had four or five bites without anyone noticing. Bonus: you can sweep up the crumbs from your snack as you go!
  • Sewing supply container: So many of us grew up with the Danish cookie tins being cookie tinused as storage for sewing supplies. This has trained us to not expect delicious desserts and to walk right past the shiny, silver container. This method is especially effective if you keep the tin in a room not associated with food, such as a bedroom or closet.
  • Sock drawer: Few things are more terrifying to a young teen than their parents’ sock/underwear drawer. When helping to fold laundry (if they do), these items tend to be flung in the parent’s direction with a look of utter disgust. It may be tempting to toss it back at them just to giggle at their face, but this will slowly accustom them to the items and render the sock drawer an unsafe hiding place. You’ll want to make sure to not hide noisy candy here (i.e. M&Ms or Skittles) so as to not give away the contents of the drawer.
  • In an old sunscreen container: Sunscreen, the bane of every child’s summer. Though summer has many wonderful aspects, the continual application of sunscreen is something that both children and parents dread. As such, it is fairly safe to say that an empty sunscreen container will be left untouched by curious tiny humans. Be careful to not mistake this for actual sunscreen lest the candy within melt while you’re outside having fun.
  • Under healthy snacks in the cookie jar: Hiding candy in a cookie jar may seem illogical, but hear me out. Often times, when a child is getting into the cookie jar, they are trying to be sneaky. And everyone knows that a good sneak is not going to make a lot of noise by rummaging around. If your candy is hidden under a bunch of healthy snacks that your child doesn’t like, they will never discover the trove of sweets at the bottom of the jar! Mwahahahaha!
  • In their room: Unless you are blessed with a child that compulsively cleans their room, this may be a perfect hiding place. If you want to go this route, be sure the store the candy in a container to avoid attracting critters. You can use the floor of their closet, storage cubbies where everything on the floor is supposed to be, the pile of clean laundry that they haven’t put away. The possibilities are endless. If you are in the mood to share your sweet treats, you can even tell your kiddo that it’s hidden somewhere in their room and they need only tidy up to find it.chocolate

What are your thoughts?

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