How To Be a Rebellious Christian

Megan Clinton’s Be Rebellious revolutionizes the way women view themselves. For much too long we have allowed the way other people view us shape our identities. Some have responded with anorexia, bulimia, and even cutting. Sure, we all know that the pictures in grocery store magazines are photo-shopped to “perfection”, but that doesn’t stop us from excessive exercise or obsessive calorie counting.

Megan points out that we are all made exactly how God planned us. We must rebel against the idea that we won’t be worthy of real love unless we look and act a certain way. Our identity should come from the One who made us.

Though our current cultures encourages us to rebel against the previous generation’s rules, but in doing so we become more trapped than ever.

We all want to be loved, but when we don’t accept that God loves us for who and how we are we buy the lie that we need a special someone to complete us. We reach out for a romantic, or sexual, relationship hoping that “this will be the one” who will stay and love us.

But what if we found our worth in God? How would that change the way you view yourself? How you view relationships? I wholeheartedly agree with Megan that when we rebel against what a broken society believes about us and instead listen to God we will no longer loathe our reflection. There will be no need to be jealous of other women around us. And though relationships are certainly enjoyable and needed for many, they will not define us.

This is a book that I believe every woman, no matter her age, should read.


What are your thoughts?

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