Welcome To the Age of “What the Heck?”

I don’t fancy myself to be a true introvert, but the pressure to keep in touch with so many people and be involved is overwhelming. We weren’t built to maintain relationships with over two hundred people. So what happens when we try anyway? Things like Facebook, Linked In, Goodreads, etc. are having the opposite effect of what they were designed to do. Instead of bringing people together they have created a generation of lonely and depressed people.

In China, teenagers have adopted the practice of taking their veg out for a walk. Why? you may ask. Because they’re lonely. Whenever life has them down they attach a leash to a cabbage and take it for a walk. (Read the full story here.)

Taking a cabbage for a walk is now a thing

And now, in Japan, there is a cafe complete with stuffed animals. No, the plushies are not souvenirs. The are company. If you hate eating by yourself, then pull up a chair with a plushy.

Facebook users have changed over the years. At first it was great to reconnect with long lost chums. And of course, there were those people who felt the need to post about everything. Then people changed to complaining vaguely to whoever might read it. Now, most of the news feed is full of links to articles and videos.

Finally feeling the pressure of having too many “friends” has caused people to retreat. And now people feel lonelier than ever. What are we supposed to do then? Resist the urge to drag food behind you. Limit tech time. Start using your phone to call people. Make plans with them. Have fun! When you’re number’s up do you think you’ll regret not beating one more level of Candy Crush? A tablet would make sorry company on the death bed. Get out of the house, make a few true friends and make memories with them.


What are your thoughts?

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