Character Shaping, Part 1

Imagine that your friend comes to you after reading the book you recommended, something that’s been on the best seller list for months, and says, “It was good, but I would have liked it better if the main person had been developed more.” O_O

Has that ever happened to you? Probably not. That’s because the best books have great characters. Over the next few weeks we’ll look at the different types of characters needed for a good story and how to shape them to appeal to the reader.

Types of characters:

  1. Main
  • Protagonist – hero, this is the person who goes through the journey and comes out better. There should be a change how he/she seems at the beginning to how they are at the end.
  • Antagonist – villain, this one’s job is to make the hero’s journey hard. It could be a real villain, fate or circumstances, or the hero warring with him/herself.

2. Supporting

  • Hero’s – mostly good, sometimes quirky. They positively shape the hero, encouraging and guiding.
  • Villain’s – These might be bad to the core or simple-minded bad guys. There might even be one in the hero’s “circle of friends”, the type that appears to be a friend but in reality are backbiting and bring the hero down with negative talk.

Coming up:

Part 2: What makes the main characters different from the supporters?

Part 3: How to build good supporting characters that don’t distract from the story.


What are your thoughts?

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