I’ll be honest, I’m avoiding work right now

This is my novel’s (Haunted) two year anniversary. Nope, not of being published but of being worked on. I know you were ready with the champagne. ;)

I have promised myself to be done with it this September. And in spite of that I find ideas for other keep popping in! So I write that idea down and force myself to leave it at that and get back to work on the main project. Except for one story (The Blind Painter) that I work on when I’m stuck on the novel.

It was supposed to be a short (under 5,000 words). Yet the more I write of this story, the more details and scenes I see that need to be included.

What do you do when you’re stuck? And does it lead you back or lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole?


What are your thoughts?

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