What type of kindness do you have?

As I was reading through Psalm 48 today I was struck by the word ‘lovingkindness’. (Spell check does not understand this word, and neither did I until this morning.) Why did the sons of Korah write lovingkindness? Why not just say kindness?

Think of the different ways we show kindness to others. When we give the homeless person some change or even a coffee we have shown them kindness. But did we get out of the car and talk to them, share the good news with them? We can be polite to someone and put on a kind facade, and yet inside be cringing at their joke or smelly perfume.

So you see, we can “be kind” out of pity or because that’s what we’re supposed to do. But God shows us lovingkindness. Everything He does for us is with that agape love. He will never be kind to us out of obligation or feeling sorry for us. He does it because He loves us immensely.


What are your thoughts?

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