REVIEW: Food Triggers by Rhona Epstein

This was a book that particularly interested me, and I was excited to read it! (Because this is such a personal issue for me this review will be longer than most.)

thLike so many others, I made a decision to eat better and get in shape after the new year. Though I’ve never really struggled with the binge eating described in the book, I can certainly relate to Rhona’s anecdotes. Who hasn’t accidentally eaten a whole box of cookies?

For me this wasn’t just an issue of cravings. I am horribly addicted to sugar, and also intolerant to processed sugar. Yep, that’s right. The one food I want to eat the most makes me super sick. IBS, exhaustion, irritability, nausea, depression, and the list goes on.

Rhona goes in to detail about how these different food addictions aren’t just a physical problem. Why do we usually turn to those yummy, bad foods? Because we’re upset about something. There is an emotional problem. But that leads into a spiritual problem. God should be the first person we turn to in time of need, but then call the cookies and chips. And thus begins the vicious circle.

How do you get out of this? Address the problem on on three levels. First: Go to God. It is impossible to kick an addiction without His help.                        Second: Figure out what those underlying emotional triggers are. When you know how you feel you can go to God before the cravings hit.                                                                      Third: Stay away from it! Until you are able to exercise control, just keep that stuff out of the house. Learn what your body is actually needing when you have a craving.

I’m so grateful for this book and how Rhona gives hope by really explaining what’s going on and how to fix it.


What are your thoughts?

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