Stop! Be Still!

Stop whatever you’re doing. Facebook, Pinterest, and yes, even writing.

Today, just be still in God’s presence.
A lot of people I’ve talked to this week have been pretty stressed out and having a rough go of it.
Take a minute to read Psalm 46. Go ahead, I’ll wait :)

The whole psalm is beautiful, but I want us to look at how it describes what God is.

God is our refuge
our strength
a very present help in trouble
in the midst of her (the holy place)
shall help
is with us
is God
will be exalted among the nations and the earth

Three times in this psalm we are told that He is our refuge. When we are feeling stressed and overwhelmed He wants us to run to Him. He wants us to be still, know that He is God, and that He will be our strength and help.

So today, stop stressing over what has to get done this weekend and the pile of work waiting for you on Monday. Just be still. Spend some time in the word and in prayer. The dishes can wait; so can that new book. The God of the universe wants to comfort you and give you rest!

Comment on what verses really stood out to you. I really want to hear what’s being done in your life too!

What are your thoughts?

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