Scared of Finishing

Why would anyone be afraid a finishing something? Aren’t people usually scared of starting something new?
Yes, yes they are. But in Weirdness Land, aka my brain, few things work how they usually should.
I’m terrified of spiders, though many have informed me that I’m 1,000 times bigger and they have no interest in me.
Stairs make me sick. Way too many tumbles down and up them.
I love starting projects, but rarely finish them.

I’ve struggled with finishing my novel and couldn’t figure out why. I love to write. I like the story. So what’s the deal? I’m scared.
Finishing my book means that it would pass out of my hands and into those of the editor. Careful with my baby! Then it’s the readers turn. They might love it or hate it. Then opinions are formed about me, as a person and an author. Gasp, gasp. Paper bag please!
The good thing about realizing this fear, rational or not, is that it won’t be sneaking up on me anymore. It’s time that these poor characters finally get their story told. :)

What are your thoughts?

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