Note: Not boasting, just sharing joy

I’ve been getting up at 5 lately to do my devo. It’s the only chance I get. 5 am is not an easy thing for and has gone a little easier with coffee :)

Last night, when it was time to get the coffee set up for the morning, I was so tired and thought maybe I could skip a day. Well, I had already done that two days last week. It’s not that I didn’t want to spend that time with God; I was just so tired. Those two days were the hardest of the week. They weren’t filled with trials, but my heart was just blah all day.

So when the choice came last night, and when the alarm went off this morning, I was able to choose time with God over sleep. It wasn’t because that’s what I should do, but what I wanted to do. My spirit craved that time alone with Him even more than my flesh wanted rest!

This is what happens when you give God the chance to woo you. Inevitably you are wooed :)

What is a time in your life that spirit has won out over flesh?



What are your thoughts?

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